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This a bit rambling, but oh well...

So, I was sitting in Fazolis waiting for my car to have it's oil change (across the street at Lube Time) and had nothing better to do than eat and think. I'm not entirely sure why, but I started thinking about attractiveness (quite possibly there was an attractive woman somewhere in the restaurant), what I find attractive and how to describe it. I came to realize that I can look at women and can determine if I find them attractive, but I find it difficult to explain why. I know it when I see it... although that is a bit too simplistic as well because the levels of attraction can change with contact.

Since I find it difficult to describe what I find attractive, I'll try to do it with examples. First off, I don't believe there are these easy to define categories... If there were, it's likely it would require hundreds of categories and subcategories, but for simplicity sake I've tried to cut them down to four. So here my different levels of attractiveness "chart".

Really Attractive: Wow, these girls are really attractive. Sometimes feel I wouldn't want to date a really attractive woman because I might be to distracted by her beauty to do anything but stare stupidly.
Examples include: Jennifer Connelly, Keirra Knightly, and Natalie Portman

Attractive:Although their beauty isn't nearly as distracting, I'm definitely still interested.
Examples include: Sandra Bollock, Deborah Watling, Elisabeth Sladen, and Wendy Padbury

Not Unattractive: They don't do much for me, but I'm not repulsed by them. I'm sure someone else finds them attractive. Personality, a pleasant smile, and the like can bump ladies in this category up to attractive.
Examples include: Drew Barrymore, Janet Fielding, and Sophie Aldred

Not attractive: These women may be really nice people, but they are far from good looking.
Examples include: Ruth Buzzi, and Claire Davenport (aka Jabba the Hutts "heavy-set" dancer)

I'd say most of the women I know fall into the Attractive to Not-Unattractive range. Don't ask for specifics, I like living ;-)

Before anyone asks for attractiveness subcategories... these things include Oddly Attractive and Hot.

I will call someone oddly attractive if I think that logically I shouldn't find them attractive but for some reason I find them so. Lalla Ward is an example of oddly attractive.

Hot often means I really would like to get to know her in the biblical sense. Usually a girl I think is hot has some feature I find incredibly desirable - e.g. an "hour glass" figure, a flat stomach, a nice leg (or two 8-), a well-defined collar bone (I don't understand it either), a facial expression, incredibly beautiful eyes, etc... Without that feature, it is possible that I'd think she was not particularly attractive. (For example - there was a girl that I worked with at Squires Hardees, and she had the most gorgeous green eyes I had ever seen. Then one day she came in, and her eyes were a dull other color - and she didn't look nearly as attractive. Turns out that her green eyes were only colored contacts.)
Examples of Hot include that above link to the picture of Keirra Knightly.

It's also interesting how attraction changes over time...
The other day I watching Match Game '76 with my mother on Game Show Network. One of the celebrities on the panel was Bonnie Franklin (the mother on the 70's One Day at a Time), and I thought she looked far more attractive than I remembered thinking she was years ago. Back then, I thought Valerie Bertinelli was the only attractive female on the program (damn you Eddie Van Halen). I realize that both are old and likely ugly by now, but that's not the point 8-).

Next think you'll know I'll have a thing for Mrs. Brady rather than Jan. At least Mary Anne safely remains my most attractive castaway, so some things remain constant.

I don't know, I thought it odd.

Since I wish to be fair, here's my own Hot or Not score:
Rate me!

Oh yeah - I'm Hot 8-)
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Date:June 21st, 2004 01:36 pm (UTC)
So a bulemic / anorexic chick with boobs so big that it causes back problems? Hour glass figure does not fit in the women you mentioned.

I think that if you want to define attractiveness with out the heroin addict look, I would suggest Catherine Zeta-Jones.

Of course there are some lovely, available ladies here.
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Date:June 21st, 2004 02:07 pm (UTC)
Catherine Zeta-Jones is quite attractive as well. I just didn't think of her.

So a bulemic / anorexic chick with boobs so big that it causes back problems?

I can only assume you mean Jennifer Connelly, since the other woman listed do not have huge boobs (or at least they do not appear to have). I really like Jennifer Connelly from The Rocketeer and Dark City days. I will agree that more recently she has really not looked good. I don't know if because of anorexia, but she looked a bit Ethiopian and not at all like the woman I think is Very Attractive.
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Date:June 21st, 2004 02:09 pm (UTC)
As for the Russian Brides, I don't see any there that immediately makes me want to order one. 8-)
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Date:June 24th, 2004 07:52 pm (UTC)
You seem to like women with some muscle tone. This is not surprising. The BBC actresses all played strong characters. They are attractive in their own right, but the "oddly attractive" is probably in part due to the character she played.

Some random scientific study suggested that a person's attractiveness is proportional to how symmetric their face/body is.
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