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Worthy of note... - Rubin

About Worthy of note...

Previous Entry Worthy of note... Aug. 13th, 2005 @ 10:54 am Next Entry
The Toys R Us chain of stores has confirmed that they will be introducing the Doctor Who range of toys in early September, including the radio controlled Daleks, sonic screwdrivers, TARDIS money banks and walkie-talkies.

As long as I'm posting anyway, I might well also note:
The idiocy of Political Correctness - The Seminole Nation vs the NCAA.

The importance and possible cover up of Able Danger.

At some point I may even post on subjects as diverse as:

  • My New Years Resolutions - 2005 - and the completion there of.

  • Weight loss - The Unemployment Way.

  • 125 Separation of Degrees, and the possibly future related subject I've got Class.

  • Attractive half-asian women of the New River Delta.

  • It's not easy being Wage ,at least when you work for the government.. - Observations on how government agencies are more cruel to wage employees than the supposedly evil private corporations.

  • My Mothers got had Back.

And much more likely:
Doctor Who - The David Tenant Years
Coming as early as Jan 2006 - I need Roommate(s).

Watch for them coming up on the new season of Galtham TV.
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