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Have seen this movie/story? - Rubin

About Have seen this movie/story?

Previous Entry Have seen this movie/story? Apr. 18th, 2006 @ 02:19 pm Next Entry
I had a dream last night that seemed like it was based on story or movie I had seen at some point. It was sort of Twilight Zone-ish, but I can't place it.

I was in my old neighborhood (Arrowhead in Falls Church - behind Marshall High School), when a series of smallish (maybe a bit larger than fighter jet) space ships (flying saucer shaped) began to land (maybe one to every 4-5 blocks). I made an attempt to get away from the one landing closest to me - running away since I was frightened - but ship landed closer to me than I thought it would and knocked me off my feet.

The door of ship opened and an older man (I think he looked like an older Bruce Campbell) walked out and announced that he his name was Bran and he wanted everyone in the neighborhood to fill up a box of their favorite things, and bring it to the side of the road - like a yard sale. He said that he would then choose certain boxes to take back with him, and warned that he would know if we did not place our favorite things in the boxes.

A group of us had a neighborhood meeting to determine what to do, and most decided not to defy the man from space. I, however, filled my box with junk I didn't care about. So he went around the "yard sale" and pick out about 15-20 boxes, one of which was mine. Then he asked (announced) that those people whose box was chosen take their box and form a line in front of his ship. When the line formed, he went into the ship and told each person to take the box to another room inside the ship interior (he gave directions) - for some reason the fact that the ship seemed much larger was not in anyway odd.

Anyway, as I entered the ship (the interior of which appeared to be a small kitchen with a dinette), he asked me to stop, while he directed all the others to the box drop off room. After all the others were deep inside the ship, he turned to me and said he did not believe the items in the box were my favorite things. I protested and began to rummage through the box, and selected a small wind-up bird-like toy that hopped. I was about to explain the item when I was startled by the door closing behind me. He held up his hand and said that no explanation was necessary as he tipped over a small box on the dinette. The contents of the box fell onto the floor to reveal a small wind-up bird. Then he said, "you might as well know two useful things, Brian (I guess my name was Brian). 1) You might as well get used to being called "Bran" , and 2) (as he held up a knife to his mouth and showed lacked any teeth) Don't let 'em take out your teeth.

And that's where it ended on a Twilight Zone like fade to black - "Ahh Bran was me all along."
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Date:April 18th, 2006 08:03 pm (UTC)
It's just you feeling your old age! It's all wide up birds, dentures and carrying your "precious treasures" around in a cardboard box from here on out...
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Date:April 19th, 2006 01:27 am (UTC)
I remember seeing an episode of those new Twilight Zones that the SciFi channel or someone made. I was a kid at the time, and it was summer reruns in the day time; I can't remember all of the details. Anyway, the basic plot of the episode was that some big shot lawyer got a traffic ticket in a back country town and had to stand trial. First she (the lawyer) saw indications that the town had brought ruthless old methods into the present day, then she saw her public attorney (which she didn't ask for) sink her case. The episode ended with a punishment of execution - for the public attorney - and then somehow the big shot lawyer became the next public attorney in line. It wasn't their best (or most coherent) episode.

Different elements of the story (like that and flying saucers and Bruce Cambell doing weird stuff) sound familiar. Maybe your dream was a collage of scifi memories?
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