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Technicon, KISS, and Other Conspiracies - Rubin

About Technicon, KISS, and Other Conspiracies

Previous Entry Technicon, KISS, and Other Conspiracies Apr. 5th, 2007 @ 09:07 pm Next Entry
technicon was fun. I enjoyed myself because of or in spite of spending most of it filming/editing (I'm not sure which). The film worked better than we had feared at the start. Having 3 laptops that could edit footage helped out tons - I don't think we would have finished otherwise. Also surprisingly, we had the majority of the footage edited before the Room party Saturday night. Hopefully, the final version makes it on the TCon highlights DVD. BTW - impink, if you need help animating the Dalek for the final version, let me know.
I'd be willing to give another go again some year, but really would like a script to start with... Then the first Film-making panel could be a Script Editing rather than the attempt to write a script panel.
It definitely gave me the fever to film something again. Maybe I'll be able make the onetrueparty this year to help with their movie. Even if not, I'd like to try to put something together this summer.

Also... I have a bad idea for next years Tcon - A new Game show: The Sci-Fi Match Game.

The KISS conspiracy rages on...
I have discover this photo in the pages of Sports Illustrated. I have since found out there is a shady underground military organization lead by KISS, codenamed KISS Army. I believe SI photos may well be some sort of signal to this army, but I have not been able to fully ascertain what this message may signify.

I will continue my search until this conspiracy is finally broken, and all know the truth.

In other conspiracy news:
Uncomfortable Questions: Was the Death Star Attack an Inside Job?

More Scum and Villainy from "...the Mos Eisley of the Angry Left..."
Seriously, didn't "the Angry Left" learn anything from the fake Dan Rather documents?

On a sad note:
King Friday, Ruler of Make Believe, Found Dead
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