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Star Trek 20/20 - Rubin

About Star Trek 20/20

Previous Entry Star Trek 20/20 May. 8th, 2009 @ 07:20 pm Next Entry
I'm surprised that no one else has posted about this... hasn't anybody else seen it yet?

I went to the 8pm Star Trek showing last night (Thursday), and I urge everyone else to go asap. It was a fantastic movie - it really breathed new life into quasi-dead series. I don't want to give anything away, but it somehow managed to remain faithful to the original series, while at the same time completely rebooting the franchise.

I'm seriously thinking of seeing again this weekend - and I can't think what was the last movie I saw multiple time at the theater (only things that come to mind at the moment was when the Capri was still open and I'd see movies again for $.99 .)

Honestly, the Star Trek franchise was languishing for quite sometime. While "new"episodes were being made - it felt old and flat - every "new" series had the same format, and incidental music. I attributed to the fact that the producers hadn't changed in nearly 15 years of constant production - even the movies had the same stale creative team. You need to change the creative team behind it (like Doctor Who has done/doing) to keep it fresh.
For example - when did Doctor Who seem the most stale? It was when John Nathan Turner (JNT) was semi-forced to remain the producer for nearly 10 years.

Just to make you feel older here's something to think about:
It was approximately 20 years between TOS and the start of TNG - now it's been approximately 20 years since TNG first aired.


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