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Death and Taxes (though mostly death) Jun. 2nd, 2004 @ 03:38 pm
My mother is moved in to her new place and is a bit over half way unpacked.
They hadn't got the cable lines run out to her new place yet, so Mom got DirectTV to watch her favorite programs.
BTW Game Show Network (channel 309) shows The Mole on Tuesdays at 10pm.

My cousin (on my fathers side) Sue died - she's the first of the cousins to die. I guess it was only a matter of time before it started to happen, since all the Aunts and Uncles have died (except for my Mother). I didn't know her very well since she didn't come to many family gathers, so we were not very close.

It seems odd to me that there are people that are 20+ that never had any family member die since Two of my grandparents were dead before I was born... the other two and my father died before I was age 10... my favorite Aunt died before I was 20, and a majority of the rest of Aunts and Uncles died before I (will at somepoint in the future) turn 30.

Speaking of death... and somewhat apropos for Memorial Day
From Ike and Hollywood at War:
"My generation had to figure out what we were ready to die for," Chetwynd recalled Betts telling him. "You kids don't even know what to live for."

And then there's this:
The dumbing down of America
The majority of Americans can’t tell you who the vice president is. Not two out of ten Americans could tell you the name of their two U.S. Senators and their congressman. Examples are plenteous. Most Americans, for instance, actually think that the United States is supposed to be a democracy. It’s not. New Mexico, by the way, IS a state.

Lightnin' May. 26th, 2004 @ 10:54 am
Since the thunderstorm a couple of nights woke me up anyway, I decided to try to get up and try out my new camera. (Oh yeah, I got a new digital camera because my mother complained that she didn't have a digital camera, so I gave her my old one. If interested, the new one's a Fuji FinePix S5000.)

The photo only uses 1M pixels of the camera because I was shooting in a continious mode (to capture a lightning strike) with the 16mb card that came with the camera.

Some other scenic photos (all but the lightning were taken with my old camera) can be veiwed in my photo gallery. I think some of the sunset cloud shots are quite good.

Robots on Strike! 8-) May. 21st, 2004 @ 02:51 pm
From Neil Boortz:
Robots unite! Robot Union protests for recognition of their contribution to society and fair compensation for their labors.

Media bias
I thought I'd check out a new (at least to me) website, Media Matters, that purports to document conservative bias in the media. Honestly, I was dubious about conservative bias in the media, but was willing to give it fair shake.

Unfortunately, I was right to be dubious. The site does a tremendous job at showing conservative bias by conservative radio talk show host, conservative political commentators, and conservative editorial/opinion writers. The problem with that is that none of those people claim to be unbiased. It would be like attempting to show liberal media bias by pointing at Mother Jones magazine. It's information, but not useful information.

On the other hand, the Media Research Center attempts to show a liberal bias in the media by citing stories on NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, and various newspaper articles. These are sources that claim to be unbiased in reporting the news, so pointing out the inherent bias in their reporting is a useful exercise... pointing out that Al Franken had a liberal tilt to his radio show would be much less so.

The Master is gone... May. 10th, 2004 @ 01:17 pm

In this year of so much happy Doctor Who news, it's sad to report that Anthony Ainley, best known as The Master, has passed away.

Finally something worthy of a College Study ... May. 6th, 2004 @ 03:53 pm
"Time And Relative Dissertations In Space is an interdisciplinary conference that seeks to bring together scholars, students and practitioners with a research interest in Doctor Who.
This conference will discuss the reasons for the programme's longevity, interrogate its cultural significance and consider its relationship with the changing mediascape. The ultimate aim of the conference is to help pave the way to establishing a broader academic literature that discusses Doctor Who from a wider range of critical perspectives."
Other entries
» A Very Traditional Wedding... (from a certain point of view 8-)
As many know, I went to my cousin Sarahs wedding this past weekend in South Carolina. It was a SCA like wedding, but with a real minister (though dressed as a monk). The actually ceremony was a combination of SCA hand-binding and traditional wedding with a ring exchange.The ceremony was originally going to be held by the lake, but since it was rainy for much of the day, they moved it into the Rec Center cabin. Afterwards it cleared up, so some wedding photos were taken by the lake.

You can see a few wedding photos behind this lj cut.Collapse )

Even more Wedding photos can be seen here.

The Rec Center cabin served as the reception area after it was cleared out and reset with tables and chairs for eating. Barbarque pork was the on the menu for dinner (or a hog as my cousin Dan called it - as it was pretty much an entire pig sans head and internal organs). Then after dinner, a really good mead wine was served - (I don't usually like most beers and wine, but this was really good. I even captured a left-over bottle that I'll bring to Dave's Fire - when is that, anyway). Much drinking and conversation unsued until close to midnight.

So overall I had a really good time. I hadn't had the chance to seen most of the mothers side of family for well over 10 years... so it was great to see them again. Hopefully, it won't be another 10 years before I get to see them all again.
» Two Mules for Cousin Sarah
Argh - Too much stuff to do in the next month.

Mom did find a house to buy down here during her visit last week - a townhouse in Christiansburg. Still, I thought it would be a few months before she'd sell the house up there, and I'd have plenty of time to go up there and grab all of my old stuff I wanted. However, she put her place up for sale Saturday, and it was sold by Monday and she has to be out of there by May 15th.
What's even more crazy is that it was listed at $290,000, and some kind of bidding war made the final price $325,500. It's a nice area and all, but it's a really small house. She only paid $80,000 for it in 1983. Insane!

So I'm going up next weekend (when unfortunately, my Mom will be in New York celebrating her sisters 80th birthday) to try to get some stuff, and then I'll go back up again weekend of May 8th.
Since she's going to be up in NOVA, I have to get limited power of attorney to sign all the documents down here... and I might need to spend the time to set up the closing with the lawyer (hopefully, her realtor down here will do most of the work).

Then I'm going to my cousin Sarahs wedding May 1st in South Carolina. She’s having some sort of medieval ceremony, but I don't know the details. I could always take a guest *wink* *wink* 8-)

This weekend is both Game Day and a VTSFFC 1000pt heroclix tournament...
Speaking of which - rantCollapse )

And then weekend of the April 24th is the Marquee clix tournaments for recently released Unleashed set.

Ahhh too much stuff to do...

In other news:
I wonder what Snidegrrl thinks of this?Collapse )

And Finally...
Tzel guest stars in Justice LeagueCollapse )
» Evil from Beyond the Dawn of Time!!!
"The Dawn of Time, the beginning of all beginnings. Two forces, only
good and evil. Then Chaos. Time is born, matter, space, the Universe
cries out like a newborn. Only echoes remain. But somehow..somehow
the evil force survives. an intelligence. Pure evil."
Ace says, "So that's Michael Grade?"
The Doctor replies, "No, that's just BBCs name for it. The evil has no name."

- Paraphrased from The Curse of Fenric

The Evil returns to head the BBC.
From Outpost Gallifrey:
As has been rumored over the past several weeks, Michael Grade, the former controller of BBC1 and the man who put Doctor Who on an eighteen-month hiatus in 1985 after the twenty-second season, has been appointed as the new chairman of the BBC. Grade has never withheld his contempt of Doctor Who and who, in fact, in a 1999 interview said he would have killed it off permanently if he'd had the chance.

In an interview to the PM program on BBC Radio 4, the newly appointed BBC Chairman Michael Grade said, "The last time I axed Doctor Who, there was all sorts of consternation amongst the Board of Governors. It's not a matter for the Governors, it's a matter for the Management." He mentioned that he would tolerate the return of the series: "This time it's none of my business what happens to Doctor Who, as long as I don't have to watch it."
The previously uncontrolled left-wing bias in the BBC management would have been infinitely preferable.

In other news:
Is it any wonder that I despise the left?Collapse )
» April Failed
I had this great jape planned out for this April 1st, but it required the permission/assistance of another person. Unfortunately, they didn't think as much of the joke as I did, so they wouldn't play along. I know they have a good sense of humor, so I'm not sure why they would have refused. I hope they're not upset that the joke was somehow meant to be mean to/making fun of them.

It's particularly disappointing because I think this is the best April Fools joke I've come up with since I declared marshal law on all the BRASS member BBSs (Computer Bulletin Board Systems). I wish I still had a copy of that pronouncement.
» How to succeed in Real Estate
Since her best friend in NOVA is moving away, my mother has this plan to move down here. I'm not necessarily against it, but I'm just not sure what she'll do down here.

Anyway, she's currently visiting for a few days to see if she likes the area/can find a place to live... and she's seemed to have found a place she likes. So I guess I won't have a place to stay up in the DC area any more - which will be annoying when I want to visit friends and family up there.

On the bright side, Mom found out that Oak Tree townhouses like mine now runs for around $180k, and I only paid $140k last year.. So my house has appreciated $40k in just one year - I thought the prices would remain steady while they were still building new ones.
» Wisdom update
The "surgery" went well. I was out pretty quickly under the sedation. One of the last things I remember was the nurse calling out that I was ready.

I was out around 10 am. I was a bit woozy afterwards, but not nearly as much as Neil or the doctor described - must be the Irish blood. I wasn't able to speak well, but I attribute that to the gauze and novacaine... and I, at least, didn't think I was in much pain (again probably the novacaine).
Ross drove me home, and (since the sheet of things to do and not to do said to keep your head vertical) sat down on my recliner sofa with my feet up and TV on. I watched last weeks Tru Calling, Alfred Hitchcocks last movie Family Plot, Japanese live action movie Parasite Eve (based on at least a similar source as the playstation game or vice-versa), and about the last hour and a half of The Manchurian Candidate. Then having watched everything worth while stored on TIVO, I put on the news.

The only thing I was mildly worried about was the amount of bleeding... but that, for the most part, stopped several after I came home. However, I still find it a bit difficult to eat even jello. So I guess it's a good thing I don't feel overly hungry. The pain caused by the jello made me rethink not taking the pain medication, but then the water I took with the medication caused even more pain. Not sure if it was the meds or the ice "pack" that finally lessened the pain.

Not that anyone cares - since no one commented to my post earlier this morning *sniff* *sniff*
» Wisdom lost
Shortly, I'll be off to have all my wisdom teeth out. They don't bother me, but they do bother my dentist.
I guess it's just one of those rite of passage things that people in their mid-twenties, like myself, need to have done.

If I feel up to it, I'll try to do an update while still coming down from the anesthesia 8-)
» Who's Who?
Most of us missed this because of Technicon...
The producers of the new Dr Who series have announce who will be the new who. Christopher Eccleston is the new Doctor.

Christopher Eccleston

The full BBC press release can be found here.

In other news...

I will hopefully be posting my Tcon report and other other news as I get time...
» A couple of Quizzes...
These quizzes fail to tell anything that everyone didn't already know about me. I mean, you can just but look at me to see I'm irresistible attractive... and quite modest as well. But for those that don't know already here are some quiz results:Collapse )

In other news:

Will government force the Church to do things against it's doctrine?
Of course it will... The Second Amendment hasn't stopped it from infringing of peoples rights to bear arms - so what makes you think the First Amendment stops it from abridging the freedom of religion. It is what government does.

Will the courts soon step in to tell you what you can eat? Seems pretty likely as well.
...as long as there are trial lawyers and fat people, no large company whose products contain dietary calories will be immune from obesity related lawsuits.

Libertarian talk show host, Neil Boortz, explains for us the rules of this election season:
Right behind this cutCollapse )

And for a look at media bias and the unemployment rate - point your mouse clicker right here.

Now you may go, my people, and spread the word of my irresistible attractiveness, intelligence, wisdom, and modesty.
» By the Power of Greyskull!!!
I am the Master of the Universe!
Magister Mundi sum!
"I am the Master of the Universe!"
You are full of yourself, but you're so cool you
probably deserve to be. Rock on.

Which Weird Latin Phrase Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

You'd think that with this result and the fortune cookie that proclaimed me the "greatest person in the world" more people would listen to me... but nooooooo...

Guess it's just time start bashing heads 8-)
» It's so sad to learn it's over...
Barbie and Ken to break up.

I'm not sure if I can go on...
» I'm confused...
Item One:
Nicole Kidman will play Ulla, the hysterically sexy secretary to Max Bialystock (Nathan Lane) and Leo Bloom (Matthew Broderick) in the big screen version of Mel Brooks' The Producers.

Wasn't the original version of Mel Brooks' The Producers already a big screen version?

Item two:
Why do liberals hate Bush so much? He spends just like them, and on things they want. When are they going to wake up and see that he is a Moderate to Liberal Republican?
Under Bush, spending on education has gone up 60.8 percent, on labor 56 percent and on the Department of the Interior by 23.4 percent . The price tag for the president's Medicare plan alone starts, but won't end, at $400 billion. The farm bill was a pork horror show, pure and simple... [yet] Democratic presidential candidates and interest groups have been screeching that the president is gutting education and abandoning the elderly.

So why would I vote for Bush?
He's likable. He continues to pursue the war on terror (a war similar to the Cold War), and EVERY Democrat Presidential Candidate's Platform Would Raise, Not Lower, Federal Budget Deficits.

Of course, there's always something to be said for gridlock.

And for zerblinitzky and his new taxing plan:
Overall for 2003, the federal government spent $20,300 per household, taxed $16,780 per household, and ran a budget deficit of $3,520 per household.
» Another lost episode found
"Episode two of the lost Doctor Who serial The Daleks' Master Plan, entitled "Day of Armageddon," has been recovered in its entirety and has been returned to the BBC's archives, according to Steve Roberts of the Doctor Who Restoration Team. The episode stars William Hartnell, the first Doctor, with companions Steven (Peter Purves) and Katarina (Adrienne Hill), along with Space Special Security agent Bret Vyon (played by Nicholas Courtney, who would later return to the series as the Brigadier)."

"The return of Day of Armageddon takes the total of missing episodes down to 108."
» Whoclix
I mentioned this site a couple of times, and several people asked me to post it somewhere. So here is Whoclix (No, not Doctor Who heroclix). It's a site that gives a description/backstory of all the heroclix currently released - so if you ever thought, "who the heck is Hepzibah, Kabuki, or Frank Gunzer" - check out this site to find out.

BTW - For the record: 61.904761904761905% nerd blood flows through [my] veins.
» Grandfather Christmas and Beyond
I had a great time with family at Christmas. I can't understand those people that want to avoid their families. Such times can be cherished memories.

My cousin Tommy told a whole lot of things about my Grandfather that I either didn't know, or didn't remember. I thought my journal would be a great place to write it down so I could remember it later (and you'll be quizzed on it later as well).

Click here for a photo of Daniel Foley Sr.Collapse )

Some Interesting facts about Daniel Foley Sr.:
- Born in Ireland and emigrated to America as baby/small child.

- A veteran of the Spanish-American War (1898).

- A officer in the Washington DC police department.

- Lived with his wife (Elizabeth Kennedy Foley) and 5 children in a house on Ingleside Terrace (in Washington DC). Here's a map: Collapse )

- Described as the only honest cop in DC - not willing to accept any bribes or graft.

- As a police officer, he was shot in the chest (close to the heart) while breaking up a rum running ring.

- While off duty at home, a riot broke out several blocks from his home. He ran straight into the fray to restore order.

- After he retired from the force, was in a car driven by my Aunt Helen when a horse got spooked and ran into the road in front in the middle of traffic. Before the car had even stopped, he jumped out, calmed the horse, and then proceeded to direct traffic.

- When asked to describe him in one word, people who knew him most often would say "fearless".

- Died in 1948, thirty years before I was born.

In other news:

Ross talked me into playing Advance Wars(for the Gameboy Advance). It's kind of neat... but I think he's upset that I've won every game we've played. I'm not sure if he'll want to play me anymore - maybe I should let him win one 8-)
BTW Ross, you need to choose your successor to be at fault for 2004.. then you may join us in the pantheon of Elder Faultsmen.

Great News: The Washington Redskins have convinced Joe Gibbs to be their head coach again.

Celebrity Mole: Yucatan premieres tonight (Wednesday) at 10:00pm on your local ABC affiliate. The Mole is heads and shoulders above all other reality based shows, and is quite possible the best show currently on American television. I urge everyone to watch.
» "Questions are a burden to others. Answers are a prison for oneself."
There seems to have been much controversy caused by my friends quiz. Many complained that it was too hard. So far the highest score is 54 by B.. So they are now my new best friend, whoever he/she may be.

So in the interest of everyone's sanity, here are the answers - because knowing IS half the battle 8-)

Now on to the answers...Collapse )

Bonus Points to those who know where subject title of this message is quoted from...
» Nobody knows me *sniff* *sniff*
See if you are worthy of being called my friend 8-)
» Thanksgiving thoughts...
I drove back last night to avoid the rush..
I enjoyed having Thanksgiving with family... and for as long as I can remember, I always have. Perhaps, I learned early on to cherish such times, because they are far too short. A majority of my family has passed (both sets of grandparents, all my aunts and uncles on my fathers side, and my father as well), but at least I get to remember the good times we had.
There are those who may wish to avoid such family get togethers, but I would suggest enjoying the time available with your family while you can. Otherwise, you're sure to regret it later - and there will be no traveling back in time to undo those mistakes.

Now that I've said that,I feel I should attempt to clear up some common misconceptions about the history of thanksgiving...
Click here to learn more...Collapse )
» In honour of 40 glorious years...
all kinds of Doctor Who-y goodness.

Members of Parliament vote for the next Doctor Who actor. (I'm assuming this was a non-binding resolution 8-)

The new Doctor Who will be one of the BBC's flagship programmes... [They] have secured a commitment to five series of 13, 45-minute episodes. They'll be able to afford an expensive actor for the lead role. They'll get billboard ads, Radio Times covers and publicity spots across the media. The original programme rarely enjoyed such security.

Everyone, of course, already knows about the new animated Doctor Who adventure starring Richard E Grant. At least everyone who's cool...

It's likely that you already have your special 40th Anniversary Doctor Who audio adventure Zagreus on order.... but here's a link just in case.
The cast list includes: Sophie Aldred (Ace), Colin Baker (6th Doctor), Lisa Bowerman (Benny), Nicola Bryant (Peri), Nicholas Courtney (The Brigidier), Peter Davison (The Fifth Doctor), India Fisher (Charlie), Louise Jameson (Leela), Robert Jezek (Frobisher), Bonnie Langford (Mel), John Leeson (K-9), Sylvester McCoy (7th Doctor), Paul McGann (8th Doctor), Elisabeth Sladen (Sarah Jane), Maggie Stables (Evelyn), Mark Strickson (Turlough), Sarah Sutton (Nyssa), Lalla Ward (Romana II), and Anneke Wills (Polly)
(You do have it on order now, right)

But the sets won't wobble. "They won't! I shall lean against them myself, and I'm 6ft 6in. I will personally eliminate wobble."
-The New producer Russell T. Davies
» "Good news everybody" - Professor Farnsworth
The Mole is coming back - and now we know the date.
The latest incarnation of "Celebrity Mole" is set to premiere January 14 in the Wednesday 10 p.m. slot. Participants in "Mole" this time around include former VJ and talk show host Ananda Lewis, comedian Mark Curry, actors Stephen Baldwin and Corbin Bernsen, sitcom stars Tracy Gold and Keisha Knight Pulliam, supermodel Angie Everhart and legendary basketball bad boy Dennis Rodman. The season will last seven weeks.
The celebrity version is not as good as regular Mole, but the producers don't take it easy on the celebs. So give it a watch.
I've converted markush, desfido, and zerblinitzky into Mole fans . Give in - it is your destiny!

Is it just me... or were the events in last weeks Justice League more moving than those in the Matrix?
Spoiler for Justice League and Matrix RevolutionsCollapse )

In other news -
I bought The Two Towers Tuesday from Target. All I can say is wow - that Target cashier... she was really hot.
Oh - and I'm sure the DVD is very nice as well 8-)

Political Correctness gone crazy?
Los Angeles County has decided that the designation of Master/Slave for hard drives is insensitive.

Is there political free speech on campus?
Guess that depends on what you say...

Will the Young Democrats endorse George W. Bush for President?
We will soon see...

An interesting comparison between Joseph P. Kennedy and King Henry II of England (1133-1189)

So who are the people protesting in the UK?
"Only a coalition of Marxists and Islamists can destroy the US..." - Carlos the Jackal

Have you heard about the rising tide of violence waged by the environmental movement across the country? I thought not.
» Eastern DLT and other observations
I've been working on this entry for a couple of days... Bits of which have remained unfinished, so I thought I'd break up the original planned entry, and post what was finished.

Rant: Daylight Losing TimeCollapse )

IPT Meeting in Atlanta Collapse )

Spiel HalloweenCollapse )

VTSFFC HalloweenCollapse )

In Doctor Who news:
BBCi has released a special preview trailer for the forthcoming webcast animated Doctor Who serial The Scream of the Shalka featuring animation and music by Russell Stone; click here to view the teaser trailer.

For those that remember him from Tcon and Rising Star, Actor Michael Sheard announced that he, Elisabeth Sladen and producer Philip Hinchcliffe have recorded the commentary for the forthcoming Pyramids of Mars DVD, due out next year (possibly March in the UK); the DVD would also feature both a location visit to Stargroves Estate that Sheard hosts.

EDIT - Late Addition:
jazzfish and zerblinitzky will want to go here.
» Animated Doctor
Hmmm, what happened today....

First off, I found out that Ross killed Rerun.

From gallifreyone.net

The BBC has released press details for the forthcoming The Scream of the Shalka, which has been announced as starting on Thursday, November 13 on BBCi. Says the press release:

It’s not only cats that have nine lives ... Doctor Who is back! As the cult series prepares to celebrate its 40th birthday, Richard E Grant, star of films such as Withnail And I, Jack And Sarah and Bram Stoker’s Dracula, steps out of the Tardis as the ninth incarnation of the Doctor only on BBCi. The new, animated Doctor Who series, The Scream Of The Shalka, premières on BBCi at www.bbc.co.uk/doctorwho this week and fans can access it at the click of a mouse whenever they wish. Grant, who is joined by an all-star cast including Derek Jacobi, Sophie Okonedo and Diana Quick, describes his interpretation of the much-loved Time Lord as 'something of a Sherlock Holmes in space'. The six-part drama, animated by Cosgrove Hall and posted on BBCi at lunchtime on Thursdays, follows hot on the heels of the success of previous BBCi web dramas, including Shada, a lost Doctor Who script written by the late Douglas Adams, and the Prix Europa-nominated Ghosts Of Albion, starring Leslie Phillips, written by Amber Benson (who plays Tara in Buffy The Vampire Slayer). The Scream Of The Shalka has been scripted by established TV writer Paul Cornell, who has worked on series including BBC One’s Casualty and has written a number of science fiction novels. BBCi’s Martin Trickey says: 'We are delighted to be able to bring another fantastic series of Doctor Who to a whole new generation of people. Broadcasting the series via the BBCi website means that people can watch it whenever they want to, so they’ll never have to miss a minute!' To celebrate the new series, BBCi is also running a competition in which fans of the Time Lord can phone 0870 787 4040 and leave a message for the Doctor - the person who leaves the funniest message will win a Doctor Who goodie bag.

Other Doctor Who related info:

Having trouble remembering a Doctor Who episode? Maybe this will jog your memory.

And how 'bout a nice game of TARDIS Tennis?

In the hurrah for labor union violence department,
The man told officers he didn't need medical help, but later went to a hospital on his own and was told that surgeons will have to rebuild his face for it to heal correctly...

Quote of the day:
"The quixotic desire to do good, be universally fair and make everybody happy is understandable. There is only one problem with this approach. We are a court."
- Justice Janice Rogers Brown
Read A lynch mob gathers: Part I and Part II
» From the scary news department...
Jim Carrey is The Six Million Dollar Man
» I'll post this here...
...because I'm likely to forget otherwise.

I was talking the other day to some people about miniature golf, and were lamenting that there was only the one at Cox in the area (other than Roanoke). Anyway, I was watching TV last night and saw an ad for a (new?) driving range and mini-golf in Radford - ad said it was within walking distance of the (Radford) University, so it shouldn't be too hard to find.

So who's up for a round some weekend?
» Q: What do the 1920's, 1960's, 1980's and 2000's all have in common?
A: In all those years, tax cuts lead to economic growth and an increase in Federal tax collections.

Secretary Mellon knew that high tax rates caused the tax base to contract and that lower rates would boost economic growth. In 1924, Mellon noted: "The history of taxation shows that taxes which are inherently excessive are not paid. The high rates inevitably put pressure upon the taxpayer to withdraw his capital from productive business."

"It is a paradoxical truth that tax rates are too high today and tax revenues are too low and the soundest way to raise revenues in the long run is to cut rates now." - John F. Kennedy (in a speech given to the Economic Club of New York).

No event over the past quarter century has had a more profound impact on the U.S. economy and the prosperity of the 1980s and '90s than the Reagan tax cut of 1981.

But there's no doubt that the second round of Bush tax cuts, which advanced the marginal-rate reductions to this year, are having exactly the growth effect that supply-siders predicted... growth is already shrinking the deficit estimates as revenues increase above expectations.

And now you know... and knowing is half the battle. Though, it may not make a difference to my logic-impaired (PC speak for liberal) friends.

For an overall examination, read The Historical Lessons of Lower Tax Rates.

I love this quote:
Inasmuch as liberals have no morals, they can sit back and criticize other people for failing to meet the standards that liberals simply renounce.

Also in the news:
A recent study shows that one out of five have had sexual intercourse by age 15. One out of seven get pregnant by the same age.

Wow. It's a good thing schools aren't allowed to teach Abstinence. I mean, it might lead to fewer teens having sex... and we wouldn't want that.
» Inspecter Leo
MGM has offered Steve Martin the lead role of Inspector Clouseau in Birth of the Pink Panther, hoping that Martin will spearhead the rebirth of the comic franchise originated by Peter Sellers. If a deal can be worked out, Martin would star in the film in 2004.

Interesting. Last I heard, the producers wanted Mike Myers (Austin Powers) for the role. While I'm not sure if it's a good idea to make a Pink Panther movie without Peter Sellers in the first place, I think Steve Martin is one of the few who could pull it off.

Click here to see a quiz result of limited usefulnessCollapse )
» Bill Nighy - Doctor?

The Sunday Times weighs in on the debate over who the next Doctor is with a startling announcement: they say that it's Bill Nighy -- previously said to be Russell T Davies favourite -- to be the Doctor in the new series. Says the article by Arts Editor Richard Brooks, "The BBC is to approach Bill Nighy, one of Britain’s most sought after character actors, to become the new Dr Who. Nighy, who played the crusading newspaper editor in the BBC’s hit political thriller State of Play, is said by friends to be very interested in the role."

For those of you who have seen the movie Underworld, this is the actor who played the head Vamp, Viktor. I mentioned the possiblity of this to Ross last week... he was just too much into the Eddie Izzard rumor and I know he hated Underworld. However, I couldn't really see Bill Nighy in the role of the Doctor (based on his appearance in Underworld) - that is until I saw the picture above. I think he could pull it off.
» More British SF. Yeah!
Disney and Spyglass have greenlit the adaptation of Douglas Adams' The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, to shoot in London next year.


The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe has now been confirmed to be filmed in New Zealand.

That is all....

Move along.

Read more...Collapse )
» "Hmmmm... Enlightening..." (to be said in a Homer voice)
The Communist Party USA will not run a candidate for president, will not support progressive third-party bids but will instead throw its support behind the Democratic Party ...

Why, I'm shocked... I had no idea the two groups shared many of the same ideals.

On a more personal note,
Nothing of particular interest happened today.
» But are they fully functional 8-)
Now available - Inflatable Daleks.
The worlds best home protection device or the perfect companion for those long lonely nights. You decide.

Energizer ad
» WhooWHO! It's confirmed...
Doctor Who will finally be coming back to television as a series.

And in a rare turn into politics...

I have long thought that the government, the courts, and public schools have gone too far attempting to eliminate religion from public life. I would say that they are, in fact, doing exactly what the Constitution forbids - that is establishing atheism as the national religion (and yes, if you have ever met a devote atheist, you would realize that it is as much a religious belief as any other faith.)

Even so, I cringed when I heard a book called "Persecution: How Liberals Are Waging War Against Christianity was coming out soon. Fortunately, it is a fact based book and as Ann Coulter puts is, "[this] copiously researched book documents how the courts, the universities, the media, Hollywood and government institutions react to any mention of Christianity like Superman recoiling from kryptonite, Dracula from sunlight, or Madonna from soap and water."

Excerpts from this book can be found in the Ann Coulter editorial found here. But to tide you over, here are a few select ones that drive the point home.

  • In a public school in St. Louis, a teacher spotted the suspect, fourth-grader Raymond Raines, bowing his head in prayer before lunch. The teacher stormed to Raymond's table, ordered him to stop immediately and sent him to the principal's office. The principal informed the young malefactor that praying was not allowed in school. When Raymond was again caught praying before meals on three separate occasions, he was segregated from other students, ridiculed in front of his classmates, and finally sentenced to a week's detention.

  • Before snack time in her kindergarten class in Saratoga Springs, N.Y., little Kayla Broadus held hands with two of her classmates and recited this prayer: "God is good, God is great, thank you, God, for my food." The alert teacher pounced on Kayla, severely reprimanded her, and reported her to the school administration. In short order, the principal sent a sternly worded letter to Kayla's parents advising them that Kayla was not allowed to pray in school, aloud or with others.

  • Thanks to the vigilance of an alert teacher at Lynn Lucas Middle School outside of Houston, two sisters carrying Bibles were prevented from bringing their vile material into a classroom. The teacher stopped the students at the classroom door and marched them to the principal's office. The sisters' mother was called and warned that the school intended to report her to Child Protective Services. When the mother arrived, the teacher threw the Bibles in the wastebasket, shouting, "This is garbage!"

  • In another display of tolerance at Lynn Lucas Middle School, school administrators snatched three students' books with covers displaying the Ten Commandments, ripped the covers off, threw them in the garbage, and told the students that the Ten Commandments constituted "hate speech."

» Because you know I had to...
Zoe (Wendy Padbury)
You, my friend, carry a torch for Zoe Herriot, as played by Wendy Padbury! This elfin brunette from the far-far-future has brains to spare and a zest for scholarly pursuits as well as adventure. Zoe has the exceedingly distracting habit of dressing in form-fitting catsuits, and she was into PVC before PVC was cool.
Which Lovely Doctor Who Companion Are You Ashamed To Admit Your Crush On?
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There are/were too many tempting companions to make any choice easy... so this quiz was very helpful 8-)
I highly approve of Zoe... and Wendy Padbury still looks good 30 years later.
See her now(ish)

Unfortunately, one of my favorite companions at the time, Nyssa (Sarah Sutton), on the other hand has not aged well.
Now and then photos of Sarah Sutton for those interestedCollapse )

The Fourth Doctor
You are the Fourth Doctor: A walking Bohemian conundrum with a brooding personal magnetism and a first-rate intellect concealed somewhere beneath your charmingly goofy exterior. You are perhaps the most terribly clever of all the Doctors, though your occasional bouts of childishness get you in trouble. You never go looking for a fight, but when someone messes with you... good heavens, are they ever sorry they did.
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It's not a favorite Doctor quiz, so results seem reasonable.

Thanks go out to snidegrrl and rattrap for finding these cool quizzes. Every quiz should be Doctor Who related 8-)
» The past couple of weeks...
Let's see... interesting things I've done since my last post.

I played in two Heroclix tournaments the weekend before last.
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On Friday, I did my usual bit for the club showcase.
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Saturday morning I had an odd dream. I'm afraid most of the details have faded from memory, but as I recall...
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I don't remember anything else after that - I may have woke up since that is usually the only time I remember dreams. But it was very sweet of you to say that dream snidegrrl. 8-)

Last Saturday, I went to game day. I played some games, and lost most of them...
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And now for something completely different... a few political links.
Starting off with news you don't see reported often:
A British survey and an Iraqi poll, however, found that 76 and 85 percent of Baghdadis, respectively, favor the continued presence of coalition troops.
Global warming alarmists would have governments impose significant regulations with tremendous economic implications... Yet if recent global warming is largely a result of natural climate variability, policies to reduce global warming would be unnecessary, costly and ineffective. Before we are asked to incur the pain, we should better understand whether there would be any gain.
France claims that the recent European heat wave was responsible for the deaths of 3,000 of its countrymen. But for most of the summer, it has been much hotter in the American West, and no one can find even one body attributable to the heat.
Most people prefer schools to prisons, but then most people prefer airports to cancer wards.
There is nothing new about organizations and movements beginning with idealism and ending up as cynical rackets.

I found this "editorial" on open-mindedness quite a while ago. I had planned to post it but forgot about until I ran into it again today. I don't remember who wrote it, or where it came from... but it's too good not to include in my journal:
I didn't write this, but read it anyway... it's quite good.Collapse )
» (No Subject)
I have been having some ingestion/heartburn problems for past few days - it hasn't been as bad as I had at the end of 2000... I can usually just take some maalox of some sort and the majority of the pain will stop. Last time, it had got so bad that Maalox wasn't enough and my Doctor gave me a prescription for Prevacid.
I think avoiding certain foods and the Maalox will be enough this time.

Anyway, last night my stomach was feeling a bit upset, so I went upstairs around 8pm to lie down for a while. I ended up falling a sleep fairly quickly, but woke up again around 10pm. During that time, I had another odd dream. (Wow - that was a long set up for a dream...)
It's difficult to remember all the details of why I was where I was, and what I was doing there, but here's as much as I can recall...

I parked my car near one end of Park Avenue (in Falls Church - there use to be a 7-11 there, but I can't say for sure that there still is). As I began walking down Park, I was handed (or somehow picked up) a can of beer - I looked down at it and it was a cheap beer (I think it was a Milwaukee’s Best Light). I had very little desire to drink such a crappy beer, but I didn't want to just throw it away. So, I kept walking along the street with the beer can in hand.
Shortly there after, a police car drove down Park toward me, and I felt very self-conscious about having can of beer in my hand. I tapped the top of the can, and the tab opened slightly - so I had to get rid of it because you can have an open container of alcohol in public. Fortunately, there was a large green trash can near by - perhaps for the party from where I got the beer... I felt bad wasting it, but I didn't want it anyway.
After I through the beer away, I continued walking down Park Avenue toward my former grade school. As I approached the side of the school closest to the Church, I noticed someone who looked like markush walk up and then into the Church.

I'm not sure if that's where I was going anyway, but I followed him in... Inside the back of the Church (but before the pews), was a large group of VTSFFCers/Spielers (about 15-20ish people). They had gathered there to play games. I said something along the lines of that there wasn't any place to play them here, but was someone said there was plenty of space on the pews. I still thought it was a bad idea - it didn't seem right. I noticed that Ashley had a large number of circular Eucharist wafers (the larger ones that the priests use during consecration). She was attempting to shuffle like cards... I can only assume that the wafers had not been blessed yet since there were so many of them - but it still seemed really wrong. Then she drop them onto the floor (in the back of the church) - I think she was about to pick them up when I woke up.

Here is a bit of some good news on the political front-
It's a sad fact that many impressionable college students are often tainted by their professors political bias, but now college conservatives are taking a stand against the left-wing bias on campus. Hopefully, this will catch on here at Tech as well.

...the students want the university to apply its standards of diversity to recruiting more conservative professors. The group will present statistics -- department by department -- that show that only a tiny minority of UNC-CH professors are registered Republicans.

The students suggested that UNC enact a formal written statement or policy that would say it opposes discrimination or harassment on the basis of political affiliation, ideology or creed.
Norman Hurley, an assistant professor of political science at UNC, identified himself as one of the few conservative faculty members in the political science department. Students have thanked him, he said, for allowing all viewpoints to be heard in his class.
"With colleagues, I tend to be on the outside because I'm a conservative," he said. "There seems to be an atmosphere of intolerance."
The complaints and feelings of the conservative students are real, he said.


A Boom in Conservative College Newspapers
''A lot of my professors don't try to hide the fact they are outright Marxists,'' said Nicholas Romero, 20, the feisty editor of the Free Press.
» This is mildly amusing ...
You can have a celebrity call you to wish you a happy birthday (or some other greeting).
Among the available celebs are:
Lou Ferrigno (Hulk)
John De Lancie (Q in Star Trek)
Tim Russ (The black vulcan in ST Voyager - whose character name escapes me at the moment)
Peter Jurasik (Londo in B5)
Andrea Thompson (Tailia Winters in B5)

It's $30 for a 30 second call, so it would be a rather expensive gag gift, but it's an amusing idea never the less.

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