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ABC Healthcare Program Jun. 25th, 2009 @ 04:26 pm
It has been said by some that the health care special on ABC last night was little more than an free infomercial for Obama and the democrats. But as you can see from the still I captured off the air, that obviously wasn't the case.

Video Capture

Star Trek 20/20 May. 8th, 2009 @ 07:20 pm
I'm surprised that no one else has posted about this... hasn't anybody else seen it yet?

I went to the 8pm Star Trek showing last night (Thursday), and I urge everyone else to go asap. It was a fantastic movie - it really breathed new life into quasi-dead series. I don't want to give anything away, but it somehow managed to remain faithful to the original series, while at the same time completely rebooting the franchise.

I'm seriously thinking of seeing again this weekend - and I can't think what was the last movie I saw multiple time at the theater (only things that come to mind at the moment was when the Capri was still open and I'd see movies again for $.99 .)

Honestly, the Star Trek franchise was languishing for quite sometime. While "new"episodes were being made - it felt old and flat - every "new" series had the same format, and incidental music. I attributed to the fact that the producers hadn't changed in nearly 15 years of constant production - even the movies had the same stale creative team. You need to change the creative team behind it (like Doctor Who has done/doing) to keep it fresh.
For example - when did Doctor Who seem the most stale? It was when John Nathan Turner (JNT) was semi-forced to remain the producer for nearly 10 years.

Just to make you feel older here's something to think about:
It was approximately 20 years between TOS and the start of TNG - now it's been approximately 20 years since TNG first aired.

Here's some links (just because it's my usual posting M.O. to use links):Collapse )

Dr. Strangepork or How I learned to stop worrying and love Socialism. Mar. 3rd, 2009 @ 01:33 pm
Stimulusol XR did wonders for all my worries.

Current Mood: worriedno longer worried thanks to Stimulusol

Wii Belong Jan. 8th, 2009 @ 08:58 am
I've had a Wii for almost half a year, but haven't had any games that would benefit from posting Wii/Mii friend codes. That is until now.

Since this knowledge may allow me to play Mario Kart with friends over the net, here are the relevant codes:
Wii: 8358 4043 2718 9262
Mario Kart: 2492-8471-9003

Comment here with yours if you wish to play.

I know Samba de Amigo also has a friend code. I haven't written it down... But if there's interest, tell me and I'll post it here as well.
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Something to tide you over until the real special airs... Dec. 21st, 2008 @ 09:38 am
Here's a Doctor Who Christmas special for all you trekkies.

I have to say it was put together remarkable well (even though I had nothing to do with it 8-) - and make sure to watch the "Next Time on..." preview at the end.

Current Mood: giddyjolly
Other entries
» Mea Culpa (Part Deux) - or don't believe everything you read!
I meant to post this sooner but...

I must apologize again.
I've pulled a fast one on you. I am encouraged that some people were at least skeptical of my previous post, but most probably didn't take the time to check it out the facts for themselves (as I am frequently guilty of as well).

So what did I do? Did I completely make up the Pew Media Study?

No... The study was real and the numbers I quoted are real.
I just switched some of the labels, and then photoshoped the original Chart to match the mixed up labels.

So here's the original, unaltered chart from the study:
real chart
Just so you know I'm not making it up this, you can find the original chart here on the pew research website and in context here .

Check out the full truth (and my summary) behind the cut.Collapse )

» Mea Culpa
You know me... If I'm wrong about something, I'll come out and say so. In the past, I've claimed the media in general is biased to the left, and been a defender of FOX News as fair and balanced, but a study I've just seen from The Pew Research Center's Project for Excellence in Journalism now makes me now doubt that assertion.

The Project Center's study went over the election news coverage and categorized the stories and coverage as either positive, negative, or neutral to the Presidential candidate. The findings, at least to me, were shocking. You can see an excerpt of the findings below.


Media Overall






















This chart may make it even clearer.
Study chart: Fox vs Media Overall
Study chart: Fox vs Media Overall

I've always assumed the media was biased to the left, but this election study clearly shows that the Media Overall was remarkably balanced in it's coverage of each candidate. Even more surprisingly, it shows how bias FOX was to the right (against Obama) in it's coverage.

So I'm giving all of you who tried to tell me differently over the years my apology. Clearly I was wrong, and I'm sorry if I argued otherwise. I'm sure you'd do the same for me.
» Here...Come...The...Drums!!! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y3I44dzNfFA)
Shortly after Omaba won the democrat nomination for President, I made the statement "If elected, the best we could hope for is James Earl Carter Jr and the worst we can fear is Harold Saxon."

Why did I say that, and why do I still think that?

The best we could hope for...
Jimmy Carter faced an energy (oil) crisis for which the he decided the solution would be to save energy through less use - rather than a balanced approach of exploring for new sources of energy and drilling for known sources of oil. This summer, Barack Omaba shunned the idea of additional domestic production of oil, and suggested that inflating car tires and regular tune ups would be enough.

Under Jimmy Carter, a new word came into the American vernacular to describe the hopelessness of the Economy, stagflation. He raised taxes during a recession, and continued the poorly thought out price control policies of the Nixon Administration. He suggested in his "malaise forever" speech, that Americans would have to learn to live with less, and that our best days were behind us.
Obama has said he wants to increase tax rates during a recession and increase the capital gains tax rate during a market slump.

Cooperation with a democrat controlled Congress
Jimmy Carter fought with the members of his own party, and large parts of his and the congresses agenda did not get passed. I don't believe that will be the case with Obama. (I did say that the best we could hope for was James Earl Carter Jr.8-)

The Worst we can fear...

If you don't know who Harold Saxon is, then let me tell you that he was latest guise of The Master in the British television programme, Doctor Who.

Harold Saxon ran for, and became the Prime Minister of Great Britain using the the Archangel network to create a low-level, worldwide telepathic field which allows him to subtly influence behavior, convincing a substantial number of the British public to vote for him.

Both of the Doctors companions (Martha Jones and Captain Jack Harkness), said they would have voted for Saxon because he just seemed so nice. To which the Doctor ask but what does he stand for?

To me that summed up Barack Obama to a T. Even I, during his early battles with Hilary Clinton, commented that I hoped he gets the democrat nomination because he seems so nice (paraphrasing). Later I came to realize no one really knows what he stands for other than "Change", and that much of his history is unknown (like Harold Saxon, hence the comparison).

Now, do I really think Barack Obama is the newest guise of The Master. Of course not.

But just in case, let me be the first to welcome our new Toclafane masters.
» My Fellow Villagers: (part the second)
It should be known that The One, myself (your new number 2), and your new supreme federal government should not be questioned.
You may ask us what we had for dinner, how poorly the Republicans are treating us and the country, or any other suitably innocuous question.
Any wrong questions will be be punished.
For example, take a hypothetical average citizen - let's call him Joe. If The One were to show up in "Joe"'s neighborhood, perhaps while this "Joe" was playing football with his son in his front yard, and "Joe" were to ask The One an assertive question about The One's tax plan.
What are the possible repercussions for Citizen "Joe"?
Could The One use the power of government to punish "Joe"?
Perhaps, The One could call in some local operatives in the guise of perfectly legitimate union leaders to allow "Joe" the opportunity to seek new employment.

What if, instead, a professional journalist were to ask The One a biting question?
The One could first ostracize and then deny access to reporter by either canceling any opportunities for them to interview The One or by removing any unmutual journalists from The One's plane.

If neither of those tactics work, The One can point to the fact that questions clearly racist.

When it comes to The One, remember, "Questions are a burden to others... and Answers are a prison for oneself."

Your new number 2,
Joe Biden

P.S. On a related note, I'd like to announce first part of a new Sedition Act. The One likes to call it The Fairness Doctrine.
» My Fellow Villagers: (part the first)
The election is over. The race has been called by our media.
I ask all those that do not support Number One to stay at home this Tuesday. There is no need for you to vote. We have already won. Coming out may just make the day a big free for all... and nobody wants that.

However, if you wish to come out to express support for The One and celebrate our victory with your fellow villagers, by all means do so. While out celebrating, you may cast your vote for The One. Together, we can break records set in like minded countries such as the former Soviet Union, Cuba, and Iran by getting greater than 100% of the vote. With the help of operatives like ACORN, we have already registered more than 100% of voters in many areas, so our goal is with in reach.

It will make you feel better to support us, and opposing us would be... unwise.

Your New Number 2,
Joseph Biden
» Technicon, KISS, and Other Conspiracies
technicon was fun. I enjoyed myself because of or in spite of spending most of it filming/editing (I'm not sure which). The film worked better than we had feared at the start. Having 3 laptops that could edit footage helped out tons - I don't think we would have finished otherwise. Also surprisingly, we had the majority of the footage edited before the Room party Saturday night. Hopefully, the final version makes it on the TCon highlights DVD. BTW - impink, if you need help animating the Dalek for the final version, let me know.
I'd be willing to give another go again some year, but really would like a script to start with... Then the first Film-making panel could be a Script Editing rather than the attempt to write a script panel.
It definitely gave me the fever to film something again. Maybe I'll be able make the onetrueparty this year to help with their movie. Even if not, I'd like to try to put something together this summer.

Also... I have a bad idea for next years Tcon - A new Game show: The Sci-Fi Match Game.

The KISS conspiracy rages on...
I have discover this photo in the pages of Sports Illustrated. I have since found out there is a shady underground military organization lead by KISS, codenamed KISS Army. I believe SI photos may well be some sort of signal to this army, but I have not been able to fully ascertain what this message may signify.

I will continue my search until this conspiracy is finally broken, and all know the truth.

In other conspiracy news:
Uncomfortable Questions: Was the Death Star Attack an Inside Job?

More Scum and Villainy from "...the Mos Eisley of the Angry Left..."
Seriously, didn't "the Angry Left" learn anything from the fake Dan Rather documents?

On a sad note:
King Friday, Ruler of Make Believe, Found Dead
» The KISS/Colts Connection - The Conspiracy Continues...
Unable to find any more evidence of a Colts/KISS Superbowl connection on the Internet, I have continued my investigation by re-watching the Superbowl. Fortunately, I had not yet deleted the game from my TIVO. After going frame-by-frame on many section, the only thing I can conclude is that there is a cover-up. How wide spread it is, I am uncertain. But in order to keep the entirety of Internet silent, it's got to be huge.

Anyway, on to the proof...
I apologize in advance for the quality of these images. I had no way to capture the paused video from my TIVO other than to take photos of the TV Screen.

Up first is a frame from one fumble of Chicago Bears Quarterback, Rex Grossman. If you look closely you can see what looks like an orange fire knocking the ball from his hands.
KISS Power causes Grossman to Fumble

This orange fire looks remarkably like the powers displayed by Gene Simmons in the rarely seen Live Concert footage (as I captured below).

See the rest of the photos and proof under this cut.Collapse )
» Follow up: The KISS and Colts Connection
The mystery thickens:

As my investigation continues, I have discovered that KISS not only was a 70's super group, but in fact had some form of super powers as well. I know, I was dubious at first as well, but this rarely seen live concert clip offers proof of as much.

Is it possible that KISS somehow used these powers to help the Indianapolis Colts to win Super Bowl XLI? And how is it possible that KISS has kept hidden their powers from world even though the evidence of said powers is so readily available. Is there some government cover up? Perhaps the Super Bowl conspiracy is just the tip of this iceberg.

This bears further investigation. I'll report more as I find it.
» Jinkies - Quite a mystery
During the Welcome Home World Champions parade, Super Bowl XLI MVP Peyton Manning said that on behalf of the players, we want to thank the greatest band in the world. It is a well known fact that KISS is the greatest band in the world. So the question becomes what is the connection between the Indianiapolis Colts and 70's super band, KISS - and why did Peyton Manning feel the need to thank them for their win.

Quite a mystery, indeed.
» Me am so smart... S-M-R-T
Out of curiosity, I took several of the recent knowledge quizzes...
See how smartly me is;Collapse )

In other news, I highly recommend the NBC show HEROES. It is most excellent. I have already hooked all my roommates and about half the morning staff at ABP to it... now it is you turn to submit.

BTW - It broadcasts Mondays at 9pm, and repeats on the Sci-Fi Channel on Fridays at 7pm (convenient for watching Doctor Who at 8pm), and again Monday at 7pm.

Oh... since I haven't posted in while, let me take this opportunity to welcome our new Islamic masters.
» At the Beach
Currently at the beach. Perhaps I'll post photos later. Maybe even write more than one line of text - Doh! This made the post more than one line.
» I was hoping for PDF... 8-)
... but this seems pretty accurate, so I'll post it anyway.

You are .ogg Even though many people consider you cool and happening, a lot still find that you're a bit too weird to hang out with.
Which File Extension are You?

» Have seen this movie/story?
I had a dream last night that seemed like it was based on story or movie I had seen at some point. It was sort of Twilight Zone-ish, but I can't place it.

Tell me if this sounds familiarCollapse )
» Scum and Villainy
Recently, OpinionJournal's (The Wall Street Journal) "Best of the Web Today" had an amusing description about a far left website. This far left site had users posting on what a shame it was that Harry Whittington (the victim in Vice President Dick Cheney's hunting accident) did not die because of the political advantage it would grant the far left if Cheney was brought up on murder charges. Nice.

Anyway, the OpinionJournal's description of the site was ,"...the Mos Eisley of the Angry Left...". Being a geeky conservative, I found this particularly amusing. The implication that "You'll never find a more retched hive of scum and villainy " seems apt to many of these far left sites. It's nice to know that there are other geeky conservatives out there, though I do wonder how many others that read the e-newsletter would get the reference.

Since this seems to be a political post anyway, behind the cut below show the politics test that I took but didn't post many, many months ago. I find it interesting that my results show that I'm a Capitalist, but just barely outside Centrist. Yet, many of the people who would think me to be a far right-winger score close to (or dead in the center) of Socialist. It would seem the left mind skews what they view as Far Right.

It's a bit like how the democrats continue to assert that any idea republicans may have is "far out of the mainstream", when it is actually they (the democrats) that are far out of the mainstream.

Click here to see my Moderate results 8-Collapse )
» Doctor Who Wins three awards including best drama
From Outpost Gallifrey:

In a sign that the show's fortunes have now changed from what they were a mere two years ago, Doctor Who became the big winner on Tuesday night at the National Television Awards as the show was given the Most Popular Drama award, Christopher Eccleston won Most Popular Actor, and Billie Piper won Most Popular Actress, according to a report from the UK Press Association. The BBC1 drama series beat such competitors as "Desperate Housewives," "The Bill" and "Bad Girls."

For more coverage, click here</ a>.
» Worthy of note...
The Toys R Us chain of stores has confirmed that they will be introducing the Doctor Who range of toys in early September, including the radio controlled Daleks, sonic screwdrivers, TARDIS money banks and walkie-talkies.

As long as I'm posting anyway, I might well also note:
The idiocy of Political Correctness - The Seminole Nation vs the NCAA.

The importance and possible cover up of Able Danger.

At some point I may even post on subjects as diverse as:

  • My New Years Resolutions - 2005 - and the completion there of.

  • Weight loss - The Unemployment Way.

  • 125 Separation of Degrees, and the possibly future related subject I've got Class.

  • Attractive half-asian women of the New River Delta.

  • It's not easy being Wage ,at least when you work for the government.. - Observations on how government agencies are more cruel to wage employees than the supposedly evil private corporations.

  • My Mothers got had Back.

And much more likely:
Doctor Who - The David Tenant Years
Coming as early as Jan 2006 - I need Roommate(s).

Watch for them coming up on the new season of Galtham TV.
» The New Doctor in costume
New Doctor in costume

More news and photos of the new Doctor are available here.
» Have You Seen This Man?
I'm not a conspiracy nutter, but this one certainly looks to be true.

In nearly other news:

The new Doctor Who premieres tonight at 7pm.
» Great News Everybody
The first episode of the new Doctor Who series has leaked out. I've heard it was traced back to a CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Co.) screener copy... but no matter the source, it is out there, and I am working on getting a copy. If things go well, I should have it by the time I'm off work today.

So far the early reviews, from both internet d/lers and professional sources, have been universal good.
» Ghost Train and T-giving invite
I don't know if there's anyone in the 'burg that doesn't already have Thanksgiving plans, but if you don't you can join us... I think we'll have enough food to feed a small platoon and only a couple of people to eat it. So give me a call if you don't have any better plans.

Also... I had an odd dream the other night, and I think it's worth recording here.

Be afraid... be very afraid of The Ghost Train.Collapse )
» Legally Mandated Warning Labels:
I found this image to be highly amusing.

Not a Toy

Evidentially, the new Doctor Who series crew were terribly excited to have Daleks on set. Though there's always the possibility that the BBC wanted to avoid any lawsuits caused by accidentally exterminations 8-).
» (No Subject)
For rattrap:

The Indestructible Man
» Prayers for the Vanquished
I just heard on the radio that Elizabeth Edwards, Democratic Vice Presidential nominee John Edwards wife, has just been diagnosed with breast cancer. Though I did not support the candidacy, I would not wish such a disease on anyone. I hope we can all put aside our differences and pray for her speedy recovery.
» I didn't think he had it in him...
I must say I'm impressed that Senator Kerry was magnanimous and graciously conceded the election. Even though he would have needed virtually 100% of all provisional and absentee ballots to come in for him to win, I fully expected him to divide this nation further in a court battling death spiral.

"We talked about the danger of division in our country and the need - the desperate need - for unity, for finding common ground and coming together," Kerry said. "Today, I hope we can begin the healing," he said. Kerry told Bush the country was too divided, the source said, and Bush agreed. "We really have to do something about it," Kerry said, according to the official.

I hope that he will keep his word, and he'll be able to help his party to abandon their extreme leftist positions. Perhaps it's a sign that Democrats will start working together for a better America rather than just being partisan bomb throwers. I think there is an actual hope without Tom Daschle.

I'm hopeful, but I'm not holding my breath.
» It is revealed!
The new Doctor Who logo is revealed.

New Doctor Who logo
» The big one is coming, Elizabeth.
It's been quite a while since I last posted anything (appears to have been August 12th) to this journal. Though, it's not because I haven't thought of things to post. I jot down notes of ideas nearly everyday - however they're not very organized - often just a couple of words or a website. Posting the notes might be fine for a journal that only I would read, but since others may read it, I prefer it to be more organized. If nothing else, as is, no one but me could make heads or tails of them.

Rather than attempt to make one huge post, I'm going to try to organize a few of these past notes enough to post one every few days. So first up is what will hopefully be the first in a series of random notes/thoughts...

Rubin's Random Thought of the Day:

Why is it that left-wingers have multiple places to go (Canada, Cuba, and China - just to name a few 'C's) to if conservatives take over, yet there is no country in the world more free for conservatives to go to if the left takes over?

In other news:
kittykatya gives Rodney no respect.

Doctor Who in the US news (from Outpost Gallifrey)
TBI Buyers' Briefing, a weekly information service sent to over 6,000 worldwide TV executives, this morning features a news item: "BBC scout gets feet under US table: Dr Who US sale being finalised". Among the various items mentioned in the report, which is mostly about the move of BBC Worldwide executive Paul Telegdy from London to the US, is an impending sale of the new series to this, the largest television market for the new show. "One really exciting franchise on both sides of the Atlantic that audiences know and love is Dr Who," Telegdy is quoted as saying in the report. It mentions that he is talking to an "interested party" and is confident it will be sold to a US network in the near future. "We're discussing the ratings potential of the show," he explains. He is likely referring to a cable network, not to one of the over-air broadcast networks.
» Scottish Invasion?!?
So I am the only one wondering why Bonnie [Prince] Charlie is suddenly invading Florida? I thought he wanted to be installed to the thone of England. So why pick Florida?
Just doesn't make sense.
» As if you needed any other reason to Vote Bush...
... the Bush White House includes some Doctor Who fans among it's ranks.
When asked to comment about not having Daleks in the new Doctor Who series, a White House spokesman said: "The universe would be a safer but sadder place without the Daleks. I'm sure many Americans would be sad to see them exterminated."

We now know that the BBC and the Nation estate came to an agreement that will allow the Daleks back. So obviously support from the Bush Administration was instrumental to getting the two sides back to the negotiation table. ;-)

Bush Supports Daleks Return
How could you not vote for this man?

In the interest of equal time, this article contains the best reason I've found to vote Kerry.
» TARDIS spotted on the streets of "London."

Actually, it's Wales... but what it really means is that filming has started on the new Doctor Who. I know everyone is excited by the news (well at least those that have their higher brain functions intact 8-)

Tons of info and pictures on the current shoot can be found at Outpost Gallifrey - Don't worry, potential spoilers are hidden until clicked on.

Also, the official BBC Doctor Who site now contains "Who Spy" photos of the shoot. Similar to the Lucasfilms' "Image Attack" pictures of the Star Wars set, they don't give anything away. So far, a new Who Spy photo has been posted each day.
» Interests thingy
I thought I might get more interesting results with all the Brit SF I have listed... oh well.
Potential interests for meCollapse )
» Who is John Galt?
"George Bush, I believe, is in his soul a moderate."
- Howard Dean in 2000

I'm concerned for the future of this nation because the left has been able to fool so many people into believing that George W. Bush is an extreme right-winger, when in truth he is a moderate. Look at his record on spending: He joined with Teddy Kennedy for the largest expansion of federal spending on education in decades. He signed into law so-called "Campaign Finance Reform" which like political correctness (another left-wing idea) attempts to limit free speech. Then he pushed through Congress a $400 Billion Medicare Drug Benefit program - the largest new entitlement since Johnson’s Great Society - though admittedly $400 billion is far less than the Democrats wanted to spend. He has yet attempted to reduce any government programs or spending. Other than tax cuts, he hasn't pushed any co-called right-wing initiatives through Congress.

What does this mean for the future of our nation? How can important "right-wing" initiatives (such as school vouchers, tort reform, and reforming/privatizing Social Security) needed to reform and limit government ever be passed when a moderate can be painted as so extreme?
If this continues, how can a truly conservative candidate ever be elected?

There is something to be said about helping the fall of the country by not producing, electing left-wing candidates, and dropping out. This would allow government to expand its size and control over the everyday lives of its citizens beyond anything sustainable until the day it crumbles under its own weight (like the former Soviet Union). Then a new smaller and limited form of government could be crafted out of the ashes. However, the fall will take at least 20 years to occur and the aftermath and reconstruction will likely take nearly as long... and there's no guarantee the new government would not be an even greater monster than the one that just fell apart.

Even if it was known that only the best possible result could occur, I honestly wouldn't want to live through those 40 plus years of turmoil. So being selfish, I'd like to at least delay the collapse until a day I wouldn't have to live through it. I'm afraid with the current political climate that's the best we can do.

At least these people let me believe there is some slight hope for the future.

In case you were wondering as to Who is John Galt? 8-)
» More On Attraction
It's interesting that shortly after I determined that it's near impossible to describe attraction without examples, that match.com now has a decent attraction "test". It offers pictures and drawings of different faces and bodies in several test to judge what you find attractive. One test asks you rate the attractiveness on a scale of not attractive to Wow! (a 9 point scale). Other tests make you quickly select from two (or more) pictures who is attractive, who is the most attractive of the pictures, and who is the least attractive.

It's pretty much what I was thinking that should be created in my last post to judge attraction, so I took it because it's free (What can I say, I'm cheap - women find that attractive, right? 8-)
Some of the results are debatable (that I have prefer blondes) and some is pretty accurate (not many people realize I'm attracted to slender women), but I think it's cool someone is attempting to scientifically define attractiveness.

My Attractiveness Test resultsCollapse )

I await your questions after reviewing the test results 8-)
» On Attraction
This a bit rambling, but oh well...

So, I was sitting in Fazolis waiting for my car to have it's oil change (across the street at Lube Time) and had nothing better to do than eat and think. I'm not entirely sure why, but I started thinking about attractiveness (quite possibly there was an attractive woman somewhere in the restaurant), what I find attractive and how to describe it. I came to realize that I can look at women and can determine if I find them attractive, but I find it difficult to explain why. I know it when I see it... although that is a bit too simplistic as well because the levels of attraction can change with contact.

More on Attractiveness - Now with examples 8-Collapse )

It's also interesting how attraction changes over time... Collapse )
» A Tribute
I didn't think I would feel as sad as I do. I knew it was only a matter of time once communication with friends stopped in 1997, so I thought I was prepared. However seeing the funeral procession and Nancy embrace his coffin, I couldn't help but cry and feel the great loss to the nation. He was, without question, the greatest President of my lifetime.

While there were those that wanted to divide us by our differences, he sought to unite us through our commonality. He brought hope to a nation that had thought it was doomed to a malaise forever. He re ignited engines of growth and the flames of liberty. His optimism was contagious, and made us all believe that our best days were yet to come. He was hated by those who wished to suppress freedom, but loved by those who valued liberty. He tore down the walls of tyranny and shone freedoms light into the dark recesses of oppression. He taught us that one man can change the world for the better.

I do not claim to be as eloquent a speaker, nor as proficient with words as he, so I think it's fitting to use a few of his own:

You and I are told we must choose between a left or right, but I suggest there is no such thing as a left or right. There is only an up or down. Up to man's age-old dream -- the maximum of individual freedom consistent with order -- or down to the ant heap of totalitarianism. Regardless of their sincerity, their humanitarian motives, those who would sacrifice freedom for security have embarked on this downward path. Plutarch warned, "The real destroyer of the liberties of the people is he who spreads among them bounties, donations and benefits."

It's time we asked ourselves if we still know the freedoms intended for us by the Founding Fathers. James Madison said, "We base all our experiments on the capacity of mankind for self-government." This idea that government was beholden to the people, that it had no other source of power, is still the newest, most unique idea in all the long history of man's relation to man. This is the issue of this election: Whether we believe in our capacity for self-government or whether we abandon the American Revolution and confess that a little intellectual elite in a far-distant capital can plan our lives for us better than we can plan them ourselves.

There are no such things as limits to growth, because there are no limits on the human capacity for intelligence, imagination and wonder.

We will always remember. We will always be proud. We will always be prepared, so we may always be free.
» "The new phonebook is here!" - N. Johnson
I was surprised yesterday to find two new Doctor Who DVDs in my mailbox. I ordered them, of course, but I thought they weren't suppose to come out until July. So I am now the proud owner of The Two Doctors and The Curse of Fenric on DVD.
The second disk in The Curse of Fenric set contains a kick a*s special edition movie version of the episode that is in 5.1 Dolby surround, has updated effects, and tons of additional footage (originally cut for time). The disks also have several behind the scene documentaries, and a commentary track with Sylvester McCoy and Sophie Aldred (The Doctor and Ace).

It's mega-cool, and you should be ordering it even as you attempt to finish this sentence, so I'll try to let this sentence run on just a bit to give you time to do just that and by the time this sentence is finished you should have it all ordered and you'll have a copy of your own for your DVD player to worship with in a week or so time, of course, if you don't order it, you're a weenie, and no one likes a weenie unless they are barbequed over nicely hot coals with mustard and on a toasted bun, and perhaps with some soda to help wash it all down.

The Two Doctors DVD is no slouch either. It contains several documentaries, and audio commentary by Colin Baker, Frazer Hines, Jacqueline Pearce, and Nicola Bryant as well. It also has the Jim'll Fix It Dr Who "episode", "In a Fix with the Sontarians".

Not that anyone actually bothers to read any of this but here it is anyway...

In the what if the media of today got caught in a timewarp and was sent back to report on the events of June 6, 1944:
Tragic French Offensive Stalled On Beaches

Wait a second - maybe that actually did happen...
From LIFE Magazine January 7, 1946:
Americans Are Losing the Victory in Europe

And here's Charles Krauthammer to give a nice summary:
It's time for some rational thought in the media

Oh, have I mentioned recently how horrible the economy is? Maybe there's a reason for that. Hmmmm...
Jobs Growth Unexpectedly Strong in May

And let's follow that up that bad news with a few words from 'Chauncey Gardener':
Growing an economy
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