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Ghost Train and T-giving invite - Rubin

About Ghost Train and T-giving invite

Previous Entry Ghost Train and T-giving invite Nov. 25th, 2004 @ 09:53 am Next Entry
I don't know if there's anyone in the 'burg that doesn't already have Thanksgiving plans, but if you don't you can join us... I think we'll have enough food to feed a small platoon and only a couple of people to eat it. So give me a call if you don't have any better plans.

Also... I had an odd dream the other night, and I think it's worth recording here.

The Ghost Train

I was at someone’s house (I think Kathy and Ben Williams) and I had my camera - so it must have been some kind of VTSFFCie get together- when we heard some odd noises in the backyard. So a few of us went back behind an old barn in the backyard to see what it was. There we discovered some old train tracks and saw what looked like the back of a train pulling off down the line - I attempted to take some pictures but only got blurry shots of the rear of the train.

Intrigued, I came back the next night to try to take photos again. On that night, Nate Morse (I think) was there as well. The train arrived on time (evidentially it was a scheduled stop for the originally train line - and it had a reputation of being always on time) - I took some pictures of the passenger cars where passengers were obvious through the windows. During the time I was taking pictures Nate(?) was walking (literally) through the train. I'm not to sure that I (as a character in the dream) knew exactly what he was doing, but I (the dreamer) saw him wandering through the train - and trying to talk to the passengers (with unknown success).

The train began to move on, while I continued taking pictures. When it was out of sight, I noticed Nate was gone - and when I examined the photos I took, I could see him in one of the passenger seats as the train left. So, I came back the next night as well, to see if it was possible to save him. This time I focused (for whatever reason) on the front of the train. The engineer was in the front with an attractive brunette woman - both were staring ahead blankly. I tried to communicate with them, and finally the engineer/conductor responded to my shouts. I asked him about the train, and I believe he told me the story behind the train, but I can't remember what it was. Then I asked about Nate, he said they needed a full train to complete their journey - and that during a short period of time while at the train stop, they were solid enough to pick up more passengers. Really, I thought - so as the train was leaving I grabbed the woman’s arm and said, "so what happens if I do this" and proceeded to pull her off the train. The conductor look furious, but the train was already moving and it chugged onwards.

I found out from the woman that she was not an original passenger on the train... she was "caught" by the train sometime in the mid 1950s. She tells me her story, but I don't remember the details. But she is extremely frightened that the conductor will return to put her on the train - because they need to full load to finish their journey. I momentarily thought that it might be a good idea to round up a bunch of people to full the rest of the train, so the original passengers could finally complete their journey... but then I thought it was just as likely that the new people would be stuck on the train to where ever the final journey was. So that didn't seem like too good an option.

The woman then explained to me that she was aware of three (maybe four - don't remember) ways the train can complete its journey:
1) Full load of passengers
2) "When the man upstairs goes bowling"
3) ( I don't remember the details, but it sounded unpleasant - perhaps demonic)
4) (don't remember what it was of if there was a fourth)

All the ways were part of a larger rhyme - which I also don't remember.

She was right - the conductor did come after her. There was a chase through some farm land - but finally he caught us. I tried to explain to him that there was another way to complete the journey than to take on more passengers (like the girl). I think I convinced him that I could make the man upstairs go bowling - by building a bridge over the train stop that could be used as a bowling alley.

I don't know if it worked, because I woke up before the bridge was completed.
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Date:December 4th, 2004 09:00 pm (UTC)
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